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Martine has 30+ years of experience in skincare, body work and energy healing. During this time she developed a thriving practice in her native Belgium with loyal clients coming from all over the region. She honed her skills in a variety of health and healing modalities such as Shiatsu, energetic massage, reflexology, Reiki and holistic skincare.  

In 2012 she followed her calling and moved to Oregon where she continues her passion here in Hood River, specializing in Ayurvedic treatments. Her treatments reach beyond the skin. Your skin is like a window to the rest of your body. By understanding the underlying energetic cause of skin and body conditions, she works together with her clients to create balance and restore harmony while increasing vital life force energies. She has a strong intuition, allowing her to tune into the needs of her clients. This includes advice on healthy lifestyle choices.

Martine believes that allowing our body-mind-spirit into energetic alignment according to the laws of nature brings us closer to our true Self. We can all be radiant beings who experience joy in all that we do! Her awareness of body-mind-heart and soul connection is evident in her in-depth skin and bodycare.

Zencare facials are deeply nourishing, rejuvenating, relaxing and balancing.  Martine treats your skin, body and mind beyond skin deep using the wisdom of Ayurveda and energy healing. 

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