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Zencare treatments are personalized and customized for each client's individual needs. Read more about treatment options below.

For assistance in choosing the right treatment for you, contact Martine at (503) 473-3816.


1 hour • $85

This harmonizing facial is a combination of gentle balancing touch, the use of marma points (vital energy points) and aromatic oils and lotions. You will leave with glowing skin and feeling great.


90 minutes • $120

This ayurvedic treatment, based on your dosha, creates balance using the five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth. We'll start with body work from head to toe, concentrating on the face, scalp, head, neck and shoulders. Products are selected to best suit your needs, enhanced with lymph drainage and light therapy to tone and revitalize, leaving the skin and your whole being more radiant and youthful.


50 minutes • $60

Massaging reflex and marma points on the feet and using warm stones, this treatment literally draws stress and tension away from the eyes and face and out of the body via the feet. While the feet are resting on warm stones, a calming hand massage is done. A cooling eye mask and cream will soothe and tone the skin around the eyes.


50 minutes • $60

Shirodhara is the pouring of a fine stream of oil (or water) onto the forehead or the crown of the head for a period of time. It facilitates the release of serotonin, leading you into deep relaxation.


90 minutes • $95

A blissful fusion of four Tibetan massage treatments create a seamless rhythm, leading you into a peaceful and profoundly deep state of relaxed awareness. Special energy points release mental tension. Gentle warmth and treating the marma points of the abdomen and feet settle the mind and relax the face. A fine stream of warm oil on the middle of the forehead recharges the body, brings clarity to the mind and offers a quiet space to experience our true selves.


1 hour • $75

A warm foot bath and foot massage with a special three-metal bowl begins this unique Ayurvedic spa ritual that will help you to unwind and feel a warm glow. Certain marmas (vital energy points) are touched from head to toe in a traditional Tibetan sequence with balancing aromatic oils. Finally your arms and legs are covered in a layer of warm Indian clay and herbs that increases the flow of prana (life force) which will leave you feeling stronger and more grounded.


1 hour • $75

Dissolve the stresses and strains that keep you from enjoying the nurturing, nourishing and regenerating benefits of sleep. Deep massage to the feet using reflexology points with relaxation oils will be followed by a soothing abdominal massage to help deepen your breathing. Finally, a gentle and effective Tibetan marma energy sequence for encouraging sleep will leave you feeling relaxed.


50 minutes • $60

Your Pedikarma experience begins with a balancing aroma-therapeutic foot soak followed by a rejuvenating marma point and reflexology foot massage using customized oils. Next you'll receive a foot massage with a rare three-metal bowl from India. Finally your feet are dusted with a scented herbal powder and wrapped in warm towels.


30 minutes • $40

Nadi Swedana is a unique, relaxing Ayurvedic back treatment that delivers a soothing blend of healing herbs to those areas where you feel greatest stress and tension such as the neck or any region of the back. The use of steam helps the oils penetrate and deeply stimulate the tissues, leaving you feeling softened, hydrated and relaxed.

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