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Find balance, beauty and well-being with a​

personalized healing session from Zencare.


About Martine

Martine has 30+ years of experience in skincare and bodywork, with a focus on energy healing. During this time she developed a thriving practice in her native Belgium with loyal clients coming from all over the region. She honed her skills in a variety of health and healing modalities such as Shiatsu, energetic massage, reflexology, Reiki, yoga, Ayurveda, Heart2Heart coaching and holistic skincare. In 2012, Martine followed her calling and moved to Oregon where she continues her passion here in Hood River, deepening her (energy) soulwork as her path is ever evolving.


A treatment at Zencare is a journey in depth.

When you surrender to Martine's hands and presence, you receive the art of conscious touch with the body as your home place for a more physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Martine integrates skincare, nutrition, spiritual well-being, Heart2Heart coaching, energy work and education, helping her clients to create balance and restore harmony while increasing vital life force energies. 


We can all be radiant BEings who experience JOY in all that we do!

-Martine Geeraert


clients say it best

Martine knows what is going on with your body and mind. She understands how deeply the two are connected.

Martine knows what is going on with your body and mind. She understands how deeply the two are connected.

I am almost instantaneously transformed to that magical place between sleep and awareness.

Martine's treatments are soul medicine.

I always leave her studio feeling grounded and full of peace.

My skin is glowing, my body rested, and my mind deeply calm. I'm so grateful for her wisdom and healing touch.

Martine works with the subtle energy systems of the body, clearing paths and providing clarity for the journey.

Bringing our mind, body & spirit into energetic alignment according to the laws of nature brings us closer to our truest self.


1011 Hutson Road

Hood River, Oregon 97031

tel: 503.473.3816

Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch soon.

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