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A practice toward awakened living, a lifestyle where one is clear, present, real, heart connected and heart directed

What is a Heart2Heart Circle?

A Heart2Heart Circle is a self-awakening, healing practice using modalities of Christian Pankhurst, founder of HeartIQ, and Tej Steiner, one of his mentors. 

We come together in circle for our own self-transformation supported by the wisdom of the group. We take full responsibility for our own being, committing to sharing our truth to the best we can in that moment.

We create a safe amplified field together that can bring us to places we cannot reach on our own. We all have wounds created by others and need others to heal.

We come together in circle to experience joy for our growth. We practice loving all that is, welcoming all emotions, to become the healthiest, best version of ourselves, which ripples throughout our daily life and effects others.


How does it work?

We circle with a group of 4-8 people

We commit to meeting once a week for four weeks. (120 minutes per session).

 When completed, we have the option of committing again for another four weeks.

There are regular free information sessions.

Participation in heart circles costs $15 per session.


1-on-1 heart coaching

This practice can also be deepened with 1 to 1 heart coaching sessions.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

Participation in 1-on-1 coaching costs $90 per session.

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