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Reviews from Zencare Clients

I have received a few treatments from Martine recently. When entering her beautiful treatment space, a calm instantly washes over you. She wants to know what is going on with your body and mind. She understands how deeply the two are connected and she genuinely cares about you. As a body worker myself, I have received numerous and various body work throughout the last 10 years but nothing compares to what I receive while on her table. She is fully present and aware the entire time. Each time I am almost instantaneously transformed to that magical place between sleep and awareness. When I walk out I leave with a feeling of energy yet calm. It truly is a place of Zen Care. Thank you, Martine, for sharing your gift.

Angela G.

angela g.

Martine's treatments are fabulous. She is always professional and focused. She makes sure her client is comfortable throughout the entire process. Although these treatments are blissful and relaxing, it's the effects and shifts that happen afterward that I have found to be the most beneficial. Martine has a way of getting "stuck" energies moving again. She works with the subtle energy systems of the body, clearing the path and providing clarity. Martine is warm and friendly. She listens carefully and creates a custom treatment plan based on what she hears. I highly recommend Martine's ZenCare treatments.

Kristin T.

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